We have recently completed a renovation and addition to our home in Killara. The work was carried out by Beaches Custom Construction Pty Limited and the total value of the project was around $500,000. The project was managed by Harley Winnubst, the principal of Beaches Custom Construction.

We found that at all times the work was carried out to the highest standards and in a very timely manner. We found Harley to be extremely competent and his communication skills were of the highest order. He was able to suggest and implement improvements to the design and at one stage discovered an error in the engineer’s specification before construction commenced. When we asked for changes to the scope of work, these were accommodated with no problems and without impact to the timeline. This was especially pleasing as our home is Heritage listed and there are many considerations to be taken into account when undertaking building work on this type of house. One issue with a job of this type can be the estimates for PC items and other allowances.

In this regard we found Harley’s estimates to be extremely accurate. Also, in our case, we lived in our house while the work was being carried out. This can be a difficult time for the builder and the client but we had no problems with this arrangement as Harley and his team were very accommodating to us and our family. They were very pleasant people to deal with and they cleaned up the job site every day so that we could continue our family routine after hours.

We cannot recommend Beaches Custom Construction highly enough and we would thoroughly commend them to anyone considering a renovation or addition of this type.

We would be very happy to expand further on this reference verbally and we have included our contact numbers for this reason.

The Forsters

Colin and Anita Forster - 8 Nyora St, Killara, NSW 2071

Harley Winnibst has been the foreman for our build of 11 months. He has collaborated closely with our architect in building a home that we couldn’t be more happy with.

Harley has demonstrated a great depth of experience and skill through the entire build. We have been delighted with Harley‘s work on our home, as has our architect who has commented several times on the fantastic quality of his work.

Harley has been both creative and pragmatic in dealing with any issues that have inevitably arisen to ensure that the project remains on track without sacrificing the final result. Harley has a friendly, honest and down to earth manner and outstanding attention to detail.

We strongly recommend Harley to anyone considering building works.

The Hansons

Ruth and Keith Hansen

First and foremost, thank you to you and the team at Beaches Custom Construction for working so closely with us to deliver us the first stage of our dream home. The whole family were thrilled with both the renovation process and with the end results – a first for us! Your work and work ethics are truly exceptional!

As you know, having pursued several prior home renovations, we were not looking forward to the actual process. In the past, working with builders and their crews has been incredibly painful at best, even after having performed extensive upfront due diligence – inspecting prior projects, checking references and preparing detailed contracts. We additionally recognised that given the architectural complexities – geographical factors – integrating old with new structures – the work itself would be challenging. And as we progressed through each challenge of the project, it became crystal clear to us that we had selected the best, most qualified builder for the job!

We engaged you for this renovation based on a referral. We were told, and now we know first hand, that you bring the following to the table:

  • Extensive home renovation/building knowledge and experiences
  • Strong work ethics and integrity
  • Highly skilled and experienced, hard working, conscientious, polite, respectful and dedicated tradespeople
  • Excellent communication, expectation setting and interaction skills
  • A cost effective approach
  • Rigorous project management
  • Impeccable results
  • Passion and commitment

You met each and every commitment – budget, timeline and outcome – plus delivered an exceptional positive experience! Additionally, given the invasive nature of the renovation work and the potential for accidental property damage, you demonstrated great care in protecting our existing home, surrounding landscape and neighbouring properties.

As you can surmise, we have deep admiration and respect for Beaches Custom Construction and your work. We crafted this reference because we wanted to share the love and embrace the opportunity to help others experience great building and remodeling outcomes as well.

It has been an absolute pleasure partnering with you and we look forward to re-engaging you in the future for the next stage of our dream home build.

The Karnaghans

Brooke Karnaghan, 54 Woorarra Ave, North Narrabeen, 2101

We purchased our 1950s home to renovate and consulted Beaches Custom Construction to modernise  it, as well as update the layout to create more open plan living space.  Beaches Custom Construction were excellent to deal with, offering outstanding advice and a prompt, efficient service.

When it came to construction works, they were punctual, efficient, and a pleasure to deal with.  The area was always left clean and tidy, with minimal disruptions.  Beaches Custom Construction managed the site effectively, ensuring other tradespeople and contractors were co-ordinated efficiently.

We have had Beaches Custom Construction return since the renovation of our home for assistance with smaller projects, and have been extremely happy with their work every time.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any project, big or small.

Stuart Smith